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10,63 EUR*
Details Specie mortale - Species [Blu-ray] [IT Import]

Da un laboratorio segreto in Utah sfugge alla morte Sil, una bambina, frutto di un'ibridazione tra cellule umane e un DNA suggerito via etere da ignoti extraterrestri, le cui inquietanti caratteristiche hanno spaventato il direttore del progetto ...

27,21 EUR*
Details Species: New Interdisciplinary Essays (Bradford Books)

Species This fresh collection of essays, drawn from a broad range of disciplines, brings neglected cognitive, anthropological, and historical dimensions to philosophical debates over species. Full description

66,49 EUR*
Details Dendrobium (Orchard Species Culture)

Orchid Species Culture: Dendrobium This book provides monthly rainfall and temperature data for the varied habitats of more than 1200 species of Dendrobium, supplemented by detailed cultural recommendations based on the observations of experienced ...

3,83 EUR*
Details Lathyrus Hardy Species Mixed Seeds

A collection of many climbing and shrubby species, mainly perennial, but including three or four lovely annuals. Species include: Lathyrus aureus, chloranthus, laxiflorus, latifolius, pubescens, rotundifolius, tingitanus, tuberosus, vernus and others ...

5,99 EUR*
Details Spices,Species and Poetry Petrol

JEAVESTONE Spices, Species And Poetry Petrol CD

12,43 EUR*
Details Evoluzione Della Specie 2

Universal Music Cd dolcenera - evoluzione della specie 2

4,13 EUR*
Details Lilium Selected Species Seeds

This is an excellent value bag of numerous lily species grown both by ourselves and some very keen lily collectors. Includes the following species: L. auratum, henryi, longiflorum, pyrenaicum, regale, pumilum, and others we have in small quantities ...

28,53 EUR*
Details Acting for Endangered Species: The Statutory Ark (Development of Western Resources (Hardcover))

Acting for Endangered Species An accessible political and legal history of the Endangered Species Act.

74,99 EUR*
Details Invasive Exotic Species in the Sonoran Region (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Studies in Natural History)

Invasive Exotic Species in the Sonoran Region All over the planet, organisms of many species are appearing outside of their natural habitats--often carried by that particularly peripatetic species "Homo sapiens." This book marks the first ...

72,75 EUR*
Details Species Diversity in Space & Time

Species Diversity in Space and Time A lively account of the big questions about biodiversity being posed by ecologists today. Full description

25,95 EUR*
Details 1 blühfähige Orchidee der Sorte: Microcoelia species, aufgebunden

Sie erwerben den folgenden Artikel: 1 Orchidee der Sorte: Microcoelia species Lieferzustand: die Orchidee ist auf Holz aufgebunden Hinweise: Sämtliche Orchideen aus unserem Haus werden in blühfähigem Zustand mit Pflegeanleitung und Etikett geliefert ...

4,65 EUR*
Details Saxifraga Species Mixed Seeds

This mixture will include most of the varieties we offer separately, and also a few rare and unknown species which are in too short supply to offer individually. These should include Spp. such as aretioides,canaliculata, corymbosa, marginata ...

4,20 EUR*
Details Dierama Species Mixed Seeds

A superb mixture of all the varieties listed here. We are also including some unusual and un-named species and hybrids from our trial grounds. All will be extremely beautiful. Expect some very pleasant surprises, colours and forms never before seen ...